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Using Google Earth to display the PaCOOS Web Map Service (WMS):

Requirements: Displaying PaCOOS imagery via Google Earth requires very little other than a good internet connection and a local copy of google earth.

For a description of the Google Earth application check out:

Five Easy Steps to get up and running!

1. Launch Google Earth and select "Image Overlay" from the "Add" dropdown menu.

Add image overlay

2. Next, enter a name for your overlay in the "Name" field of the New Image Overlay window. Click on the "Refresh" tab and select the "WMS Parameters" button.

new image overlay

3. Select the "Add" button at the top right of the Web Mapping Service Parameters Window. Here you'll supply the connection information that will allow Google Earth to send requests and recieve imagery from the PsCOOS WMS.

Copy and paste the URL below into the window and click "OK :

WMS parameters

4. Next, browse for a layer of interest, double click or hit "Add->" to select the layer.

choose layer

5. Hit "OK" to add the selected PaCOOS WMS layer to Google Earth! You'll notice that your selected layer is added to the "My Places" folder and is visible in the map display.

You'll also notice a slight delay in refresh time after you navigate or change your map view. This refresh parameter and others can be set in the properties for overlay. Take some extra time to discover more about the overlay tools in Google Earth and new PaCOOS data layers.

my places final

More OGC compliant services from PaCOOS!

In addition to the WMS service demonstrated above, PaCOOS also provides access to Web Feature Services(s) (WFS). Follow the links at the bottom of the page to read more about the WMS and WFS specifications.

The following three services are unique thematic WFSs available at PaCOOS:

Example URLs that retrieve data from a PaCOOS WFS

Example GetCapabilities request: Example DescribeFeatureType request: Example GetFeatures request: Note the typename=Sablefish_2003-Sablefish_03 in the get request string. Sablefish_2003-Sablefish_03 refers to a particular feature in this example, which can be obtained by parsing/looking at the < name > tag under the < featuretype > tag of the GetCapabilities response.

OpenGISĀ® Web Feature Service

OGC Webpage for WFS

OGC Webpage for WMS