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Development Status: May 22th, 2008

Google Earth Image

New for 2009! You can now load the PaCOOS WMS service to Google Earth. See the OGC Map Services page for a description.

Version 3 Habitat Maps, October 2008: We've made significant revisions to the Surficial Geologic Habitat (SGH) maps for Oregon and Washington. A new map product, Surficial Geologic Habitat Version 3 is now available in the Map Viewer and for download!

Map Viewer: We're still experiencing some problems with the download data tab within the map viewer. Data extractions that include multiple large layers cause a fatal error. Please limit your data extractions to small geographic extents.

Data Search (Portal): The PaCOOS Portal Continues to develop and improve. We've added a complete set of metadata documents from the Pacific Fisheries Environmental Lab, a Satellite Data and Ocean Products provider for PaCOOS.

We've also added over 1,600 metadata records from the National Marine Sanctuaries Program. The PaCOOS Portal is well on its way to becoming a complete catalog for data from PaCOOS cooperators/participants. Use the Data Portal to search for data across all cooperating PaCOOS organizations.

New Spatial Data, Spring 2008: USGS usSEABED Dataset 182, Pacific Coast, layers are now available. We've also just added data from the West Coast Groundfish Observer Program. Have a look!

Recent Events, Spring 2008: Two state level seafloor mapping meetings were held this spring covering the needs for Ocean and Coastal mapping in Washington and Oregon. To find our more this this topic go to our Oregon Marine & Coastal Mapping Group website below.

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