for the integrated assessment of living marine resources on the west coast
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Table of Contents

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Base Layer Data
Bathymetry Data
Political Data
Major US Cities
Other US Cities
US Interstates
US Highways
US Waters
Exclusive Economic Zone
US State Borders
Oregon Borders / Waters
Washington Borders / Waters
Marine Managed Areas
National Marine Sanctuaries
Final Rule EFH EIS Polygons
Closed Fishing Areas
Data Index Layers
COASST Seabird Data
Fish and Invertebrate Data
Kelp Data (zoom close to the coast!)
Geological Data
Habitat Maps
Surficial Geologic Habitat Version 3
EFH EIS Surficial Geologic Habitat WA
EFH EIS Surficial Geologic Habitat OR
EFH EIS Surficial Geologic Habitat CA
Greater than 10 degree slope
SGH 43 Fathom Bank
SGH Cherry Bank
SGH Osborn Bank
SGH Pilgrim-Kidney Bank
SGH Potato Bank
OR/WA Tectonic Structure
Sidescan Sonar Imagery
Seafloor Samples
Tsunami Inundation
Submersible Cruises
Oceanographic Data
Oregon Territorial Sea Data
Southwest Center
14-day SST
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Sea Surface Mean Monthly Temp(C)
CTD Sal CV 0m
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Query Layers
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